Ivory Apartments

“…Phil Taylor was the structural steel draftsperson for the Ivory Apartments in Auckland.  The project involved a six storey steel structure with complex connection detailing and significant services and structure coordination due to limited ceiling space for reticulation.  Phil took a methodical approach, implementing an RFI system to ensure all coordination and QA checks were complete prior to issuing fabrication drawings, resulting in high quality drawings and assembly…”

Sean Rous of Argon Construction

Architectural Technician

A six storey apartment block that had been designed to 80% by the Engineer prior to sub-contractors being appointed. This resulted in needing to get on board with the project and steer and direct it by meeting with the project team including the Client, Engineer and Architect.

Due to steel bar and cage reinforcing in the floor slabs all of the 78 column base plates were different from each other. Each base plate had to be site measured and signed off by the Engineer prior to releasing shop drawings.

To allow for deflection and precamber each individual floor beam on each level was lowered by a differing amount changing all of the top of steel floor RL’s and connections and resulting in a complete coordination exercise.

There were a vast amount of service penetrations required on each floor and these were all coordinated at detailing stage.

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